ISO 45001:2017 Occupational Health & Safety

Healthcare Quality Management, ISO Standards, ISO certification Ireland

Course Description

Who should attend:

This course is designed for any personnel requiring an introduction to ISO 45001:2017,
including health and safety managers/advisors, quality managers, environmental managers/advisors,
integrated risk managers and any other personnel with a desire to understand the management
framework approach of ISO 45001:2017. This course is of benefit to all personnel,
whether they have a basic or advanced knowledge of health and safety
management, as it discusses health and safety management in terms of the ISO 45001:2017 framework.

This introduction course provides attendees with an overview of the principles
behind the management of health and safety in the workplace and the requirements of ISO 45001:2017.
The course introduces the requirements and benefits of health and safety management systems using
the risk management assessment framework of ISO 45001:2017.
On completion learners will have the knowledge necessary
to develop or manage H&S in their workplace.

Training Approach

All QMS Solutions training is tailored to the specific training needs of the
learner given their specific roles,
responsibilities and training objectives. Training manuals are developed in
consultation with the learner and / or
client to ensure our trainings are practical in terms of the organizations needs now
and into the future. Training
manuals and course content are based on industry best practices, applicable
legislation / regulatory requirements, and international standards. As Quality Management Consultants the
emphasis when developing management systems and subsequent provision of training is always customer / client focused.

Course program

Topics covered within our health & safety management modules may include the
following as appropriate to your training needs;

  • Introduction to ISO 45001:2017
  • Overview of the standard
  • Structure and content of the standard
  • Scope, description and application
  • Mandatory documentation requirements
  • Implementing the OH&S Management System
  • System Requirements (PDCA cycle)
  • Process Requirements (Inputs –Activities–Outputs)
  • Maintaining the OH&S Management System
  • Introduction to the legislation
  • Employers responsibilities and obligations
  • Employees responsibilities and obligations
  • Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessments
  • VDU Assessments
  • Manual Handling
  • Accident and Incident Management systems
  • OH&S Performance Measurement, Analysis and
  • Improvement
  • OH&S Audits
  • Audit Planning
  • Conducting Health, Safety & Welfare Audits
  • Auditor Responsibilities
  • Preparing Audit Reports

Training Methodologies

Training methodologies include the use of case studies, sample documentation /
templates, and questionnaires. All learners are supplied with training manuals and
supporting process documentation. Trainings are interactive in that learners are
encouraged through the use of the above resources to participate and therefore,
contribute their views and opinions based on their own experience.
Course Duration

The duration of the training course is subject to client specification and learner objectives. Minimum mandatory schedules apply – 1 day.

Course Fees

Starts at €250 development cost and €120 per participant thereafter. Minimum Daily Rates Apply.


All learners are awarded a Certificate of achievement on successful completion of the course.