About Us

QMS Solutions is a management consultancy practice established in 2005, by founder and principal consultant, Noel Long. We provide quality management and ISO services to organisations across all sectors, public and private, both commercial and non-commercial.

Services include:

  • ISO management systems design, development and implementation.
  • Pre-certification readiness audit and internal audit services.
  • ISO management systems training.
  • Public procurement, tender assistance.
  • Product certification systems and CE approval.

About Noel Long

Noel holds a BSc. (Hons) Degree in Quality Management, is an ICRA/ CQI qualified Lead Auditor and a qualified trainer with over 25 years’ ISO management systems implementation and audit experience across all sectors.

Noel is also a leading trainer, mentor and lecturer in quality management.


About ISO 9001 standard for
Quality Management

ISO 9001 offers a structured and systematic approach to process, product and service quality management, ensuring a consistent and repeatable approach to product or service delivery.
ISO 9001 provides a common management framework to address process, product or service regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, Environmental Health, Welfare and Safety or sector specific compliance needs.

ISO 9001 is a risk based, process orientated management system with an emphasis on external relationships and performance improvement.

The implementation of ISO 9001 permits ease of integration of additional process, product or service industry standards, ensuring a future proofed and scalable foundation for business development and process improvement.

ISO management standards are internationally recognised and intended to assist industry by aligning business to industry standards, removing barriers to trade and positioning business for future growth and development

About ISO 9001 standard for
Quality Management

QMS Solutions has successfully assisted a broad range of organisations public and private across all sectors with ISO systems implementation, certification and accreditation.

QMS Solutions shall ensure the benefit of this experience is available to your organisation throughout systems development and implementation.

Public Procurement & Tender Assistance

There are typically 38 components to public procurement; broadly considered as management and operational components.
Public procurement involves the application of M.E.A.T.- the Most Economically Advantageous Tender with respect to Cost and Quality, whereby quality typically constitutes 60% of the weighting and may be considered in terms of ISO management standards (Quality, Environmental and Health, Safety and Welfare).

As ISO specialists with 25+ years’ experience across all sectors, QMS Solutions have successfully assisted organisations prepare tender submissionsfor major public procurement project with utilities national infrastructural projects, construction, Dept. of Education supplies and HSE and healthcare, amongst others.

We offer assistance with the preparation of comprehensive tender documentation, ensuring your organisation achieves the maximum points available.