ISO 17025:2017 testing and calibration laboratories

ISO 17025:2017 testing and calibration laboratories

What is ISO 17025:2017?

ISO 17025:2017 specifies management and technical requirements for organisations involved testing and calibration of laboratory equipment. Implementation of the requirements and accreditation demonstrates to the market that the organisation is technically competent and are able to generate valid results.
The standard was introduced to provide an internationally accepted standard for quality systems that could provide a globally accepted basis for accreditation.
ISO 17025:2017 was revised to provide greater alignment with the generic quality management standard, ISO 9001. This allows ease of integration of existing systems and removal of duplication.
ISO 17025:2017 can be described in two parts: Management controllable requirements and technical requirements. Both parts may be summarised as follows:

Management requirements

  • Management planning
  • Document management
  • Resource management
  • Performance evaluation

Technical requirements

  • Test and calibration methods
  • Testing equipment
  • Measurement traceability
  • Sampling
  • Handling of test and calibration items
  • Assuring the quality of test and calibration results

QMS Solutions services

We provide full systems support at all stages of development. Services include:

  • Completion of an initial assessment and gap analysis
  • The preparation of all required systems documentation Note: systems requirements may be addressed via digital / automated
  • Training and mentoring throughout systems development
  • Completion of internal audit as a pre-requisite to certification
  • Support with the completion of the annual management review as a pre-requisite to certification

Steps to Certification

QMS Solutions will complete the application for certification and liaise with the certification body to ensure a successful outcome.