Become an Approved Trainer

Become an Approved Trainer

QMS Solutions, Quality Management Consultants provide assistance to industry with the design, development and
implementation of management systems based on international standards, relevant legislation and industry best practice.

Management systems audits may be initiated for various management informational purposes some of which are detailed below;

  • To ensure compliance with the standard in question,
  • To enable best practice, or improve upon process or product performance,
  • As routine annual independent audits,

  • As a pre-audit before seeking accreditation,
  • For contractual or mandatory purposes and
  • As a requirement of an existing / or prospective customer.

A critical part of the implementation process is the need for effective communication and the provision of training,
from this need emerged our FETAC approved training organisation. QMS Solutions are currently seeking to expand our panel
of Approved Trainers. To this end Qualified Trainers are invited to tender for inclusion on this panel via the
application form below.

Please complete, print and sign this questionnaire and return to:
QMS Solutions,
5,6 Glebeview,
Co. Dublin.

Download Trainer Application Form