Audit Training

Course Description

This Internal Audit training is designed to ensure learners can:

  • Check internal systems conformity to the ISO standards.
  • Assess the effectiveness of current business processes to achieve objectives.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement.

Who should attend:

This course is suitable for beginners or experienced professionals. The training is aimed
at individuals responsible for carrying out internal audits or those seeking a
re-fresher course on Auditing Systems or those wishing to improve their knowledge on the
Auditing process.

Training Approach

All QMS Solutions trainings are tailored to the specific training needs of the learner
given their specific roles, responsibilities and training objectives. Training manuals
are developed in consultation with the learner and / or client to ensure our trainings
are practical in terms of the organizations needs now and into the future. Training
manuals and course content are based on ISO standards, industry best practice and
applicable legislation / regulations.

Course programme

Topics covered within our Internal Audit Training module may include the following as appropriate to the learner training needs

  • Introduction to ISO 19011
  • Overview of the standard
  • The Benefits of conducting internal audits for your business, employees and customers
  • Audit objectives
  • Types of Audits
  • Defining the Scope of the Audit
  • Audit Team Members

  • Auditors Responsibilities
    • As lead auditor
    • As audit team member
  • Audit Planning
  • Audit Process Requirements
  • Conducting the Audit
  • Audit Reporting
  • Auditor Characteristics and Attributes