ISO 20000:2018 IT Service Management

ISO 20000:2018 - IT Service Management (ITSM).

ISO 20000 specifies the requirements for effective IT Service Management (ITSM).
Effective IT processes and IT resources must be organized in such a way that they meet the Service Level Agreements (SLA) with internal and external customers and partners.
The internationally recognized ISO 20000 standard helps companies to optimize their ITSM by providing customer focussed and IT process orientated the systems and structures.
ISO 20000 is an important instrument providing a measurable quality standard for IT Service Management and supporting companies in optimizing their ITSM processes.

The ISO standard defines requirements: from planning, design and implementation, to the operation, monitoring and improvement of your IT service management. These requirements are based on process descriptions of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
Implementation of ITSM The following five ITIL processes should be considered for the successful implementation of IT Service Management:

  • Service strategy Definition of a strategy for the provision of a customer-oriented IT service
  • Service design Development and optimization of IT services
  • Service transfer Preparation and implementation of IT services IT Service Management
  • ISO 20000
    • Efficient and structured processes
    • Competitive advantage
    • Cost and time savings
    • Reduced downtime
    • Decreased risk of error
    • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Benefits of ISO 20000
    • Service operation Ensuring the effective provision of IT services and solving problems
    • Continuous service improvement
    • Derivation of optimization measures through constant monitoring
  • Certificationto the internationally recognized ISO 20000 standard leads to an increase in the availability and security of your IT services. The continuous improvement of processes also offers you, as an IT service provider or operator, the opportunity to optimally ensure the functionality of your IT services.

    QMS Solutions services

    We provide full systems support at all stages of development. Services include:

    • Completion of an initial assessment and gap analysis
    • The preparation of all required systems documentation
      Note: systems requirements may be addressed via digital / automated systems.
    • Training and mentoring throughout systems development
    • Completion of internal audit as a pre-requisite to certification
    • Support with the completion of the annual management review as a pre-requisite to certification

    Steps to Certification

    QMS Solutions will complete the application for certification and liaise with the certification body to ensure a successful outcome.