Manual Handling Training

Course Description

The purpose of our Manual Handling training is to provide the learner with the
skills and knowledge necessary to enable the learner to effectively apply the
principles of safe Manual Handling practices to their place of work, given their
specific roles, responsibilities and industry

Who should attend:

The Manual Handling training course is suitable for any person whose work puts them
at risk of Musculoskeletal Disorders
(MSDs) which affects the back, neck, shoulders and upper limbs.

Training Approach

All QMS Solutions trainings are tailored to the specific training needs of the
learner given their specific roles, responsibilities and training objectives.
Training manuals are developed in consultation with the learner and / or client to
ensure our trainings are practical in terms of the organisations needs now and into
the future. Training manuals and course content are based on industry best practice,
applicable legislation / regulatory requirements, FETAC criteria and international

Course Programme

Topics covered within our medical devices management training include:

  • Introduction
  • Employers Duty
  • Employees Duty of Care (2005 Act)
  • Employers Responsibility
  • Characteristics of the Working Environmentv
  • Guideline Weights
  • Reference Factors
  • Characteristics of the Load
  • Physical Effort Required
  • Requirements of the Activity
  • Individual Risk Factors
  • The Spine
  • Flexibility
  • Posture
  • Information and Training for Employees
  • The Principles of Safe Lifting.

Training Methodologies

Training methodologies include lifting demonstrations by both the trainer and
learner. All learners are supplied with training manuals and supporting process
documentation. Trainings are interactive in that learners are encouraged through the
use of the above resources to participate and therefore, contribute their views and
opinions based on their own experience

Course Fees

€250 development cost and €90 per participant thereafter. Minimum Daily Rates Apply.


All learners are awarded a Certificate of Achievement on successful completion of the course.